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Asterminer is a no-violence exploration-puzzle adventure, with an immersive atmosphere, and a beautiful original soundtrack.

Hover around looking for crystals to collect, in order to fill up a cargo train along its stations.

Find the Robots to learn about the United Earth Mining Company and why gathering Crystals for them is such an important task.

Asteroids with crystals are hard to come by!

"The UEMC is always looking for more crystals filled asteroids.
Yet they are only found far from star systems. In the vastness of space;
Asteroids are really hard to come by."

Each Asteroids contans 10 levels with it's own enviroment and narrative.
Future Asteroids will each add its own content, and a new game mechanic.

We're going to update the game with new levels.
Asteroid 3 will be patched soon!