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Top-Down Shared-Screen Twin-Stick-Shooter where you play as one of 8 unique characters -with their own play-style and abilities- on dynamic and explosive matches!

Straight-forward, chaotic, and explosive; try and take advantage of strategy and careful positioning.

Bandits is set to release on Q2 2019 for PC and Consoles.

Game Modes

Battle Arena

  • Matches can be Free-For-All or Team Games.

  • Fight for points or the last one standing!

  • Host or Join games online for a full experience at any time!

  • Plug 4 gamepads into your machine and go at it with friends!

Solo Missions

Single Player Challenges

  • Short Solo Missions with clear cut objectives.

  • Each missions is dessigned for one of the 8 characters and their specific traits.

  • Find out what is going on in the distubring world of Bandits!