by Benerot

About the game

- Short Action RPG for the busy gamer.
- Twin-Stick slow motion casting! (wasd+mouse or gamepad)
- Single Player. Fantasy/SciFi.
- PC and Consoles. Q1 2018.
- The videogame equivalent of a short-novel.

Development Blog - PreAlpha

Introduction: The journey so far.

2017, Feb 25. By Sargas

I guess everyone has whole bunch of things they would like to make or do someday. I started writing down mine several years ago.
By now I have around 30 rough GDDs of games I’d like to make some day. It’s kind of a hobby. Every now and then I go back and add some ideas or write a solution that suddenly popped up in my head. Maybe I saw something that might work great and I go and write it down.
You can’t really trust yourself to retain every single thought.

Echoes of Unrest was one of those games. The original idea began about two years ago. It was called “Hometown”. And was about a young girl who had to deal with the drama of living on a small community with people she didn’t agree a lot with. That much is still there.
As the game took shape, it asked for things. And the artist-artwork dialogue began.
The rest of the game was never really defined. So I had to fill out a lot of holes and trying things out. I went through 3 different gameplay prototypes before landing on one I was really happy with. With experience you can guide the process and not get lost. I knew I wanted to make a short game from the beginning, so making super complex systems and mechanics wouldn’t have been very smart. I always go for solid mechanics over complex ones.

I’m 28, and I don’t have a lot of time to play games myself. Pretty sure I’m not the only one. I love finding great short games to play (and complete). And I’m pretty sure I’m never diving into another 300+ hrs RPG again.
Echoes of Unrest is going to be a 3 hrs game. And hopefully it will be one of those great short games people like to play (and complete), when they work all week and have kids to take care of.

So anyway. I’m making a short game, and I’ll try to make a great one.

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