My name is Francisco Sciaraffia. I'm a Technical Artist, Programmer, and 3D generalist. I work with Unreal Engine 4 and Blender.
I have 5+ years of experience creating videogames and interactive applications.

I'm 31, married, and have a 3yo kid. I'm incredibly dedicated and easy to work with :D

I'm always looking for the opportunity to get involved in an awesome project :)


Bandits (2019)

Couch-multiplayer game, released on Steam in 2019.
The game has fully destructible environments, and 8 characters with unique play-styles and abilities.

- Made in the Unreal Engine 4. (C++ and Blueprints)
- I designed, directed, produced, and programmed.
- Destruction System, HUDs and UIs, Player Movements and Interactions, Gameplay Systems, Weapons and Abilities Systems, Enemies AI, etc.
- I also created and implemented the FXs and the 3D assets for the main actors, including tanks and characters.

*Most environment assets, as well as all the audio, were outsourced.

Asterminer (2017)

Small casual exploration game for Android, released in 2017.
Premium game with over 75 thousand downloads.

- Made in Unreal Engine 4. (C++ and Blueprints)
- I designed, created, programmed, and built everything.
All the animations and sequences are created programmatically in the engine.

*Only the audio was outsourced.

Tap Fighters (2014)

2 players in single touch device.
Free minigame released on Android in Q4 2014.

- Made in Construct 2
- I did everything except the music.

Renegade (2014)

Retro arcade space shooter.
Free minigame released on Android in Q3 2014.

- Made in Construct 2.
- I did everything except the music.


Vr Bike (2019)

Game was installed on the Copec Stand, Rally ConcepciĆ³n, Chile, 2019.

- Unreal Engine 4 + Oculus VR.

- I was in charge of programming and Oculus implementation.
- Physically pedaling translates into virtual bike speed in-game.
- Virtual bike wheels trace the floor underneath to stay grounded.
- Created a rollercoaster-like tool to determine player path.
- Distance along path would trigger events in the level.
- I created all the sequences and materials.
- I implemented all the assets, which were given to me by the client.

Slot Machine (2019)

This was created for an event in the Enjoy casino, to be played in a big screen, it's not an actual slot machine. Chile 2019.

- Made in Unreal Engine 4.
- I was in charge of programming.
- There's an in-game menu where probabilities can be tuned.
- I created all the sequences and materials.
- I implemented all the assets, which were given to me by the client.
- Win overlays run well on target machine, despite lagging on mine.

Sorteo Corporativo (2019)

This was created for a ceremony in which a company from Chile was giving prices to random employees.

- Employees from CSV database are randomly chosen and shown on screen in real time.

- Made in UE4.
- Winners are stored in memory.
- Software "goes to next" by a key pressed by an operator behind the stage, as to keep the presentator's pacing.
- Names are formed from a random string of similar length.
- CSV database is sorted and processed to match 8 different franchises of the company.

Prototype: Forest Path (2018)

Not a comercial product. A client from Dubai wanted a scene in this particular art style for an idea he had. Would use this as part of his pitch.

- Made in Unreal Engine 4.
- Footstep sound randomized. And linked to movement speed.
- I did the assets and their materials.
- Texures used are from google.

Prototype: Symbyozis (2015)

Client from Australlia wanted a demo to pitch his idea.

- Made in UE4.
- Everything has physics.
- I created all the materials and implemented all the assets.
- Objects are 3D on Isometric Camera.
- Client gave me all the assets.

Web: Kibitz Last Stand (2014)

Client from Chile needed an HTML5 game for his web-comic.

- Made in Construct 2.
- Heavy use of Randomization.
- Heavy use of UI.
- The artist gave me all the assets, which I implemented.


I work in Windows 10, and besides UE4 and Blender I also work with the following programs:


e-mail / Skype: francisco@benerot.com
Discord: Evigmae#1987
Phone / WhatsApp: +56 9 9871 1235