by Benerot

About the game

- Tank Battle Arena.
- Twin-Stick gamepad action!
- 2-4 local multiplayer.
- Steam Q4 2017

Development Blog - PreAlpha

Out of the furnace!

2017, October 2

TanKrovia is a Tank Battle Arena, a party game, a brawler.
It has some Smash Bros elements, some moba elements, some Contra 3 elements even. But I guess it’s a twin stick shooter you can enjoy locally with friends you’d like to see destroyed.

Back in 2015, we started working on a 2D TanKrovia. But due to the high and lows of no-resources Indie GameDev, the game got shelved.
Fast forward a year, and after AsterMiner was published. And since I had some experience with UE4 now, I wanted to make a 3D TanKrovia.

And so it began. The game we’re making has everything we liked from the original, and all its pitfalls fixed (I hope).

You’ll be able to choose from 8 unique characters and battle it out with up to 4 players locally. Either 1v1, 2v2, 3ffa, 4ffa, or if one of you feels like it; even 1v3!

The game will be released gradually, like we’re doing with AsterMiner. So the first build will have only 4 characters, but the next builds will add 1 more, with many new content each. Up until the game has the 8 characters and more than enough maps to play in.

The last Alpha build will introduce a local tournament system, like the one in Smash Bros. Where you enter players and the game organizes the whole thing.

After that, it things pan out, we’ll start working on the PvE campaign mode. Which should play kinda like Castle Crashers or Magicka I guess...

But hey, it’s a long way off, and maybe we get rich and the game ends up being awesome. Or maybe we will be living under a bridge or something.