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Top-Down Twin-Stick Battle Arena.
Play as one of the unique characters with unique stats and abilities.

Play solo missions, or destroy your opponents in explosive Free-for-All or Teams matches!

Choose from one of 8 characters with their own unique play-style and abilities! Each one has its own way to mess you up!


Tankrovia is a country in North-Eastern Europe. In the aftermath after WW IV.
The Eagle Empire -formerly the USA- rules half the world, lead in secret by the Pollocracy: A secret cult which believes chicken holds infinite wisdom. Which is why they make all their important decisions based on their “guidance”.
In response to this massive threat, all of Europe merges into a Confederacy. Russia unleashes into a brand new Soviet Empire. While the entire middle-east region leagues into a single massive Empire called NewHellena, which spans all the way from India to Egypt.

To figure out how to deal with The Eagle Empire’s treat; NewHellena, the URSS, and the USE decide to meet in an emergency summit in the remote country of Tankrovia.

It was decided that the fate of the world would be up to a “Tank Battle Arena” an ancient form of combat with which the ancients civilizations would solve all their problems. The entire world chose their best champions. Like the olympic games, but the winning nation gets to rule the world. The Eagle Empire agreed. They DO let the chickens decide…