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Play as a mining robot in a deep space asteroid owned by the United Earth Mining Company. Your main task is to collect the rare organic high yield energy crystals that form on asteroids in the depths of space.

Your AI can be transferred to other machines designed for specific tasks your main vessel is not, which you'll need to do in order to progress further into the mines.
You'll explore the far side of the asteroid mining station and unveil it's mysteries.

Asterminer is a slow paced, relaxing, and atmospheric game about performing tiny pleasant tasks. As the sole AI in charge of your station you must manage and maintain the UEMC mining operation.
A soft, cute, slow-paced sci-fi themed game about exploring asteroids and collecting things.

I've been working on Asterminer since 2016, on and off. And it has iterated a lot. I think I can finally just finish Asterminer the way I want.
More information will come soon as I make more progress with its development.

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