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Bandits has been awarded an Epic Mega Grant!
And I'm going to be working on a complete revision of the entire game! This free patch will release on Steam Q1 2021!

Bandits is also going to release on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4 on the same date.

[BANDITS: Enter The Fray]

Bandits is an indie shared-screen multiplayer game. A modern -yet classic- Tank Battle Arena! It has fully destructible environments, and 8 characters with unique play-styles and abilities.

It's meant to homage beloved classics such as Star Fox 64 and Contra III.

  • Play with any of the 8 awesome characters!

  • Each character has their own play-style and abilities!

  • Bandits has fully destructible environments!

  • Play the Story Mode (Adventure Campaign) solo or 2 players Coop!

  • Play in the Battle arena 2-4 players in teams or free for all!

  • Bandits online features will include Cross-Platform multiplayer!