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A tiny standalone local-only Tank Battle Arena!

Bandits is a shared-screen multiplayer game. A modern -yet classic- Tank Battle Arena! It has destructible environments, and 8 characters with unique play-styles and abilities.


  • Play with any of the 8 main characters!

  • Each character has their own unique play-style and abilities!

  • Environments are quite destructible.

  • 16 solo challenges!

  • 12 battle arenas! Play 2-4 players in teams or free for all!

What the future holds!

In late 2022 I finally started working on a new game called "BANDITS 2.0"! It will be the next iteration of Bandits. It will include online multiplayer, a new co-op game mode, new graphics, new music, and so much more! It will release for PC and Consoles!

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