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Bandits 2.0 is a re-do of "Bandits"; a game I did before I really knew how to do things!
So long story short, "BANDITS 2.0" is a new game, sort of a remake, but also a reimagining!

[About BANDITS 2.0]

"Bandits 2.0" is an online multiplayer twin-stick vehicular combat shooter. It features incredible fully destructible environments, and many characters with unique play-styles and abilities.

Planned features:

  • Play with any of the many cool characters in all game modes!

  • Each character has their own unique play-style and abilities!

  • All environments are quite completely destructible!

  • Complete challenging procedural and replayable Co-op PvE Missions!

  • Fight in the scorching PvP Battle Arenas with other players in teams or free for all!

  • Play an awesome PvE Story Campaign!

  • And perhaps even more!

"BANDITS 2.0" will release for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch :D!

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