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BANDITS was awarded an EPIC MEGA GRANT by the amazing EPIC GAMES.

Originally I had planned to rework the version that's released on STEAM. But after much work and consideration it started to feel wrong to just erase the v1.
So long story short, BANDITS: ENTER THE FRAY is going to be a new game, sort of a remake, but also a reimagining!

I'm taking the time to re-do everything completely from scratch. I've learned so much in the last few years, and I wish to bring all of that to the table. Everything is going to look cooler and feel better!

BANDITS: ENTER THE FRAY has been in pre-production/pre-alpha since January 2020. So I'll start sharing more about it as soon as I have stuff that reflects the level if awesomeness I'm aiming for!

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BANDITS is a shared-screen multiplayer game. A modern -yet classic- Tank Battle Arena! It will have awesome fully destructible environments, and 8 characters with unique play-styles and abilities.

It's meant to homage beloved classics such as STAR FOX 64 and CONTRA III. Not so much for the gameplay, but for the scope and feel of those games and other like them, which to this day keep influencing my game-making choices!

Planned features:

  • Play with any of the 8 main characters!

  • Each character has their own unique play-style and abilities!

  • All environments are quite completely destructible!

  • Play the Story Mode solo or 2 players Coop!

  • Compete in the Battle arena 2-4 players in teams or free for all!

  • Bandits is going to be playable online or on a single machine!

BANDITS: ENTER THE FRAY is intended to be completed around Q3 2021!