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[Project TELLUS]

ACTUAL NAME TBD - An Online Multiplayer Adventure Survival Sandbox RPG! (OMASSRPG?) That plays like an Action RPG. It is set in a fictional fantasy world where Gods and beasts thread the land and rule over the world.

You'll play in a very large -but finite- world with limited resources.

There you explore, mine and harvest resources, farm, forage, and hunt, fight, buil and craft, dig caves and tunels, and so much more.

Then you gear up, level up your magic; and venture out to fight beasts and enemies, explore dungeons, vanquish monsters, demons, and gods. And conquer the land for yourself.

The game is in its very earlies stages of development. As you can see from this amazing set of placeholder assets. I do want it to look good, but gameplay will always come as a first priority.

Essentially the game is a mix of Minecraft + Breath of the Wild + Skyrim. I've been tinkering with this game on paper for about 10 years and it is really fleshed out. I've prototyped it enough. And now it feels mature enough to be worked on for real.

I want to open-develop this game, releasing an early ugly demo and later a polished Early Access on Steam, sooner than most people would probably recommend.

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