Games in Development


- In preAlpha -

*Q4 2017


Android and iOS
- 2/5 released -

*Asteroid 3/5: Nov 2017

Echoes of Unrest

- In preAlpha -


Released Games

AsterMiner 2/5

Android & iOS - 2016

Tap Fighters

Android - 2015


Android - 2014

About Benerot

We're a tiny indie game dev company (3 ppl) making games on our own. We work with Unreal Engine 4 and Blender.

We've been very short on resources since we begun, so things will take really long. But we work with patience and love.

We'll get there in time.

Our Founder, Creative Director and Mastermind is F. Sargas Evigmae. And he really just wants to make games he'd love to play. He'd also love if his game would make people believe the world could be way better.